Dethklok – The Dethalbum II (2009)


With the release of the “The Dethalbum” the fictional band Dethklok managed to sell 34,000 copies of this album on the first week, making the album the highest charting Death Metal album in history (in the USA). After selling over 300,000 copies of that album Dethklok has the mission of trying to surpass that feat, and I think it can be done, since “The Dethalbum II” is even better than the first one.

While most people that watch the TV show Metalocalypse have listened to a most of the songs for brief minutes, you still need to hear the entire song to fully enjoy the brilliance behind them. Technically Brendon Small has managed to create another brilliant album that features witty and catchy tunes.

JUNGLE ROT to tour US with Deicide

Death metal institution and Napalm recording artists JUNGLE ROT will be touring the United States next month with Earache recording artists DEICIDE. Touring in support of latest album (and Napalm debut) What Horrors Await, JUNGLE ROT will play the following confirmed dates/venues:
October 7, 2009  US - Dallas, TX / House of Blues (w/ Deicide)

Interview with Nazxul

Interview with Nazxul:

In the eve of the release of their long awaited "Iconoclast" album and their first American tour, we had a chance to present the band with a few questions, and here is what they had to say:


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