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Infernal Masquerade started back in 1999 with the traditional idea of a metal zine. Our first year releases where in both print and web distributed in English and Spanish. This project was discontinued when Dark Emperor had other obligations to attend, but the idea was to not kill the project entirely, but put it in hibernation. (you can find some of our old issues here)
Dark Emperor continued writing reviews for the now defunct Darkgoddessmx website, where he contributed with album and live shows reviews. Their cooperation went fine for several years, before due to some controversy regarding a live review, Dark Emperor decided to retire once more.
During this time, Dark Emperor focused his efforts into organizing / promoting shows in his home country.

At the end 2008, the Infernal Masquerade domain was purchased and the machinery started cranking to mark our return with a bang and bigger than ever.

The first few months of 2009 proved to be pretty busy for Dark Emperor pushing the release until March when the full cms website will be fully functional and feature packed.


Our concept:

Comparing 1999 to 2009 there has been quite a big difference with the use of internet as means of promotion for bands and labels. For bands and labels is easier to communicate and interact with their fans and target audience, since metal for the most part is not too mainstream this opened a great deal of opportunities for bands to get heard and for labels to find newer talent.
The idea of Infernal Masquerade Webzine, is not far from the original objective to communicate with the masses musical reviews as well as interviews or any kind of feature possible from their favorite bands.

We are trying to keep stuff simple in terms of content this is in terms of being able to provide the best quality features instead of millions of features that are un-attended.

As the time goes on you will see that we will keep adding features with more content to the website, as it will be released in a monthly fashion (bigger updates), but you will see incremental changes and new things during the month so you can keep your self engaged in actively reading our site.

We strive to give the readers the most honest and objective (not paid by labels to say something about their releases) reviews that we can provide. Having writers of different backgrounds and years in the metal scence we can provide different points of view in our content.


Dark Emperor Editor / Writer / Designer

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