Candelabrum Metal Fest 2023

We are excited to finally go down the border and attend a festival in Mexico later this year!

With a very impressive line-up with plenty of European bands, this festival had a great run their first year and they are ready to return with an even bigger and better line-up

Can't wait to September to cover this event and report back to our readers

From the festival organizers:

We are a few weeks away from Candelabrum Metal Fest II! The organizers have worked hard to make this a truly special event, with bands representing every side of the extreme music world, top tier VIP packages, and exclusive performances that you wil get to see literally nowhere else.

Sound good so far? Then grab tickets here:

But it goes beyond that. There are so many other exciting pieces to Candelabrum Metal Fest! Most of these bands performances are the only one you’ll get in Mexico all year. We’ve worked hair to fill out the festival too with the best food we could find, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Meanwhile if you elect for the VIP treatment, you can have a waited table and exclusive access to unique views around the festival. It’s going to be a ton of fun to experience and share with thousands of other passionate metalheads.

And that might be the best part of all. Sure the bands are cool, but it’s really the community that this is all about – finding like minded and interested people who want to engage deeply with this music. That’s a huge piece of what we are trying to achieve with Candelabrum and what we intend to bring to you September 2nd and 3rd.


Get tickets here:


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