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  • Pyscho – Pain Addict Pigs (2010)


    Catchy old-school ‘horror’ Metal seems to be the game plan for Singapore’s Pyscho. In their full-length “Pain Addict Pigs”, the band showcases their old-school chops in crafting Death/Black/Thrash Metal tunes with the vibrant horror movies influences that made so many bands in the past iconic to the scene.

    Featuring a very diverse combination of genres, Pyscho takes on a trip down on memory lane with their old-school approach to Death/Black/Thrash Metal, but using ‘newer’ movies for their lyrical content. For 9 tracks, the band does a great job crafting catchy and mosh-worthy songs that will get high replay value in your music playlist.

  • Nadiwrath – Nihilistic Stench (2010)


    Featuring Wrath and the other session members of Dodsferd, today we have Nadiwrath and their debut full-length “Nihilistic Stench” release. In this release we are treated to some Punk infused Black Metal and judging from some of the song names, things are not taken completely seriously when it comes to the ideas behind the lyrics.

    Before listening to the album we expected something along the lines of Dodsferd’s depressive Black Metal, but we got surprised by the crushing and straight forward approach that Nadiwrath takes. That being said, the band is very ‘vanilla’ in their musical approach and might only impress a few people that haven’t been listening to Black Metal for a long time.

  • Sargeist - Let the Devil In (2010)


    As one of the most brutal Black Metal assaults of 2010, today we have “Let the Devil In” by the all-mighty Sargeist. Hailing from Finland, this band has gathered cult following with their crushing releases since 1999. The band originally a solo project from Shatraug the mastermind of Horna and countless other bands feature Hoath Torog (on vocals) and Horns (on drums) from Behexen.

    Opening with “Empire of Suffering”, Sargeist immediately takes the listener by the throat with a brutal assault of massive drumming, crushing guitar riffing and hellish vocals. Since track one of this album, the band makes you aware that you will crushed to pieces with the music on “Let the Devil In”. The band’s brand of traditional Black Metal is top notch and will surely please all the fans of bands like Gorgoroth, Horna, and such that base their sound on raw brutality mixed with melody and well structured songs.

  • I Shalt Become – Poison (2010)


    I Shalt Become is one of the pioneering bands behind the USBM movement of the last years, and while not as recognized as Leviathan and Judas Iscariot, the band has released some fine pieces of USBM history like “Wandering” and “In The Falling Snow”. “Poison” features an overly orchestral trip down to the depths of hell.

    The first things that came to mind when listening to “Poison” are the quick similarities it draws to Elend’s work. And while the musical composition skills of S. Holliman are not as good as the ones behind Elend, this album does create a very dramatic atmosphere that is not to be taken lightly. Also, “Poison” features has a down temp feeling, similar to what some doom and funeral doom bands have been doing for years, providing an extra dimension to this fine release.

  • Hacavitz – Metzli Obscura (2010)


    Hacavitz is a Mexican two man apocalyptic outfit that creates very raw and brutal Black/Death Metal. Unlike many bands of this genre, we don’t hate them. The band is pretty good at creating rudimentary and harsh music that will make your spine chill. Using English, Spanish, and Aztec (or something like that) the band will haunt your dreams since the start of “Metzli Obscura”.

    We usually bitch and moan about the shitty quality that similar releases have, but we cannot complain about this with Hacavitz. The band’s sound is very dense and dirty, but it works wonders in creating a raw and thick atmosphere. With the chaotic feeling that “Metzli Obscura” creates, we have found the perfect soundtrack for a journey through hell.

  • Godless Rising – Trumpet Of Triumph (2010)


    Hailing from the USA, Godless Rising delivers one of the most brutal and technically brilliant albums of 2010 with “Trumpet Of Triumph”. With Toby Knapp on guitars, the band manages to be on the same caliber as Obscura, when it comes to brutal and technical Death Metal.

    Featuring a plethora of catchy hooks and complex solos, the guitar work makes up for almost 90% of the quality behind Godless Rising impressive sound. While we love our traditional Death Metal, we tend to favor bands like this one that go beyond the brutal growls, furious drumming and groovy riffing.

  • Bleeding Fist - Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus (2010)


    After a creepy as shit intro, Bleeding Fist wastes no time into exploding back to their Black Metal aural assault we are used to. The band starts on a high note with “Invocation Into Devil’s Flesh” and never let’s go of us with their Black/Trash Metal sound that only a handful of current bands can pull off.

    While we did not liked “Bestial Kruzifiz666ion”, the band’s last album, we find ourselves enjoying this EP a bit more. Maybe because of the shorter duration time, or something, but by giving Bleeding Fist a second chance, we are discovering an interesting raw and dirty Black Metal band that is decent by today’s standards.

  • Blood Cult – We are the Cult of the Plains (2010)

    The monthly award of the best ‘recorded in the toilet’ album goes to Blood Cult. Since track one we had to crank up the volume on our sound system considerably to be able to discern what’s going on with this release (or it might be a bad rip behind this promo).

    Anyways, after achieving the ‘recorded in the toilet’ award, no single album has been as interesting and actually good before. We are glad we decided not to chuck out this release and go and listen to something more audible.

  • Avsky – Scorn (2010)

    Hailing from Sweden, we have Avsky, a two man band that is here to rescue use form formulaic and lame Black Metal. You wont find any keyboards or fancy element in this release, only straight in your face raw Black Metal.

    “Scorn” presents us with 6 tracks for over 45 minutes of hellish Black Metal. The band does a great job creating raw sounding music that would most likely be part of the ambiance music down in hell.

  • Brown Jenkins – Death Obsession (2009)


    Following their acclaimed by some (and trashed by others) album “Angel Eyes”, Brown Jenkins releases their last opus “Death Obsession”. Like it or not, Brown Jenkins is one of those bands that you either praise or despise, I side with the later.

    If you are not aware of what kind of music Brown Jenkins plays, they try to mix Doom and Black Metal with heavy Drone influence and the result is, in my opinion, a half assed approach to either of the genres.


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