Godless Rising – Trumpet Of Triumph (2010)


Hailing from the USA, Godless Rising delivers one of the most brutal and technically brilliant albums of 2010 with “Trumpet Of Triumph”. With Toby Knapp on guitars, the band manages to be on the same caliber as Obscura, when it comes to brutal and technical Death Metal.

Featuring a plethora of catchy hooks and complex solos, the guitar work makes up for almost 90% of the quality behind Godless Rising impressive sound. While we love our traditional Death Metal, we tend to favor bands like this one that go beyond the brutal growls, furious drumming and groovy riffing.

With strong similarities to Pestilence and early Vital Remains, they even have their old vocalist with Jeff Gruslin, the band caries on with an album full of hate, brutality, and destruction. We have heard brutal releases, but not this level of brutality (since early Vital Remains). Jeff’s vocals have also transformed a bit since his days on Vital Remains, and they are exactly what the doctor ordered. You can hear the brutality AND the lyrics on this album, sometimes the ‘Black Metal’ shrieks are not the best, but they just add spice to the overall brutality of this release.

Another excellent thing in “Trumpet Of Triumph” is the bestial drumming. It never gets overpowering or full of pointless fills. The double kick is used to perfection and it’s never abused like on most DM releases. Brilliantly complementing the guitars, the drums make this release even more brutal and cohesive.

For bits you might even think that you are listening to a brilliant Melodic Death Metal album, in songs like “Through the Flames of Rage” the band goes down a notch from destruction mode, and it works like a charm. The overall use of samples to create atmosphere is also very well distributed through the album, providing unique character to each of the eleven songs in this release.

If you want to be blown away into oblivion, check out this brilliant exercise in brutality. “Trumpet Of Triumph” is and will probably be the best sounding brutal album of 2010.

Band: Godless Rising Album: Trumpet Of Triumph
Label: Moribund Records

Release: 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Death Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 88/100

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