Blood Cult – We are the Cult of the Plains (2010)

The monthly award of the best ‘recorded in the toilet’ album goes to Blood Cult. Since track one we had to crank up the volume on our sound system considerably to be able to discern what’s going on with this release (or it might be a bad rip behind this promo).

Anyways, after achieving the ‘recorded in the toilet’ award, no single album has been as interesting and actually good before. We are glad we decided not to chuck out this release and go and listen to something more audible.

The album starts with a typical terrible sounding (read ‘kvlt sounding’) straight up BM song that made our ears bleed a little bit. Around the end of the song you start noticing that it’s transforming into something else… a very interesting Psychedelic Rock inspired tune, and this is the way the album continues mixing Black Metal and Psychedelic Rock in a really weird way.

By weird we mean weird, the band jumps around from some BM part into a more melodic and pyschedelic section like nobody else does. Some songs and sections in songs remind us of The Devil’s Blood, but then Blood Cult just gets weirder. On track 7 the band goes all out on a very western sounding song that made us immediately go WTF. Kind of like a redneck version of Black Metal.

While it’s very interesting to listen to experimentation of this type, we still hate the shitty sound production in this release. Also some of the ‘harsh’ vocals are downright awful, sounding like a midget puking on a greyhound bus (don’t ask….). It’s worth nothing that the guitars work is excellent, too bad its clouded by terrible sound.

This release would get a better score from us if it was clear enough to be appreciated. The band has ‘interesting’ ideas and the combination of genres is very appealing, we hope they get a better budget for the next release. If you are interested in something weird and different get this album, you will not regret it.

Band: Blood Cult Album: We are the Cult of the Plains
Label: Moribund Records

Release: March 2nd, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 78/100

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