Bleeding Fist - Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus (2010)


After a creepy as shit intro, Bleeding Fist wastes no time into exploding back to their Black Metal aural assault we are used to. The band starts on a high note with “Invocation Into Devil’s Flesh” and never let’s go of us with their Black/Trash Metal sound that only a handful of current bands can pull off.

While we did not liked “Bestial Kruzifiz666ion”, the band’s last album, we find ourselves enjoying this EP a bit more. Maybe because of the shorter duration time, or something, but by giving Bleeding Fist a second chance, we are discovering an interesting raw and dirty Black Metal band that is decent by today’s standards.

Having only 4 original songs (we don’t count the intro and the last song which is a cover), the band showcases their power relentlessly from beginning to end. The album’s production is in fact a bit dirty and sounds low-fi, but is the norm for bands in this genre (and most times done in purpose). The Hellhammer cover of “Messiah” is also pretty solid and will bring back some of the old-school nostalgia to people listening to this release.

If you liked the band’s previous albums, you will surely enjoy “Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus”. For us, we think that since this release is short enough not to get on our nerves, we will definitely give Bleeding Fist another chance in the future.

Band: Bleeding Fist Album: Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus
Label: Moribund Records

Release: April 13th, 2010

Official Site myspace
Genre: Black Metal

Country: Slovenia

Rating: 85/100

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