Pyscho – Pain Addict Pigs (2010)


Catchy old-school ‘horror’ Metal seems to be the game plan for Singapore’s Pyscho. In their full-length “Pain Addict Pigs”, the band showcases their old-school chops in crafting Death/Black/Thrash Metal tunes with the vibrant horror movies influences that made so many bands in the past iconic to the scene.

Featuring a very diverse combination of genres, Pyscho takes on a trip down on memory lane with their old-school approach to Death/Black/Thrash Metal, but using ‘newer’ movies for their lyrical content. For 9 tracks, the band does a great job crafting catchy and mosh-worthy songs that will get high replay value in your music playlist.

After a mood setting intro song, the album’s title track kicks things off with Thrashy riffs and a mixture of growls and hissing Black Metal vocals. This level of catchy and churning riffs is maintained through the whole album and it’s what makes this release so appealing for fans of old-school music. The intense solos and tight drumming are very reminiscent of Thrash Metal releases and work wonders in this release.

After the movie sample introduction of “Meat Slit Grinder”, Pyscho opens up with ripping riffs and furious drumming, making this song sound more like neck-breaking Death Metal track than the actual old-school Death/Thrash anthem that it really is. As a funny note, most songs will quickly trick you into guessing what direction they are taking, only to take a 90-degree turn into another direction. This keeps the album fresh and the listener interested in how things are going to play out.

In terms of the music, the band does a great job in combining ‘classical’ elements together and crafting their own style. While it might not be as original as some people expect, we must say that is very effective and it never gets dull. The riffing is top notch and the solos are very well crafted (shredding and all), the bass guitar is massive and pounds away ever second of this release. The drumming nicely rounds up the songs with nice tempo changes and instant brutality when needed.

As a whole, we have to say that “Pain Addict Pigs” is a very well rounded release. The genres are merged seamlessly into very catchy compositions, something that seems to be a problem with newer bands approaching ‘horror metal’ these days. So if you are an freak for old-school Death/Black/Thrash Metal, this release will have you craving for more the instant you finish listening to it.

Band: Pyscho Album: Pain Addict Pigs
Label: Moribund Records

Release: January 2011

Official Site myspace
Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal

Country: Singapore

Rating: 85/100

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