Interview with the the With Full Force Team

With Full Force is one of the festivals that Infernal Masquerade's staff will be attending this summer, since they provide a pretty solid lineup and a great location. If you havent purchased your tickets make sure you do so online (here) before the festival gets sold out!!

Hello, and thanks for taking the time for answering this interview. Let’s get started with the questions:

Dragonforce, Cynic and Dååth - April 19 2009, Missoula, MT – Wilma Theater

I was very excited to find out that Montana was going to get a real metal show. This meant that I did not need to drive more than 10 hrs to go to a show. The drive this time was only 6 hrs round trip and they where well invested.

Having heard that Dragonforce is known for giving bad live performances I was skeptical about this one, but I was not going to let the opportunity to find for my self if this is true. And you will read through to know how their performance was.


In a world of increasing conformity and musical banality, Devin Townsend is among the few real personalities who have character, charisma and surprising innovative creativity. As a solo artist and producer, a member of the (by now disbanded) Strapping Young Lad, with whom he played Ozzfest and the main stage at the Download festival, and vocalist on Steve Vai’s album, Sex And Religion, – Townsend has always inspired fans and critics alike. The latest chapter of his extremely diverse career is entitled Ki and will be out in May/June 2009. “Ki is the first in a series of four albums under the moniker ‘Devin Townsend Project’. Each album is essentially a different band or collection of session musicians playing my music,” Townsend explains. “They were chosen based on what the theme of the album is and the vibe that the album is trying to project. The album Ki is very specific in this quartet of albums in that it controls its anger throughout, barring one song - ‘Heaven Send’ - and really is an exercise in having little to prove.”

NACHTMYSTIUM To Tour With Pentagram!

An update from team NACHTMYSTIUM: "It is with much honor to announce our upcoming mini-tour with US rock/doom legends PENTAGRAM! The tour kicks off right here in our neighborhood in Chicago and will take us to the West Coast and then down to Texas for six exclusive performances with this very influential band that's been around for nearly four decades in one form or another!


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