Remina - Strata (2022)


Unleashing one of the dreamiest and most ethereal releases of 2022, today we have Remina and their debut album “Strata”. Formed as a project of vocalist Heike Langhans (ex-Draconian, Light Field Reverie) and Mike Lamb (Sojourner, Light Field Reverie), this release delivers over 40 minutes of highly atmospheric and truly cinematic music. Mixing elements from ISON and Light Field Reverie, this band creates truly emotive music that will take the listener on a magical journey.

The release starts building momentum with the solemn opener “Aeon Rains”, which slowly progresses with Heike’s enchanting vocals and a slew of distant guitars, crafty electronics and melancholic atmospherics. The Doominess first comes under the name of “Obsidian” and its slow and mournful riffs, perfectly enshrouding the layered vocals. By the time “Dying Sun” comes around, the listener is already fully immersed in a trance, perfectly crafted by the band’s powerful atmosphere and melancholic powers.

Our favorite track has to be the expansive “The Endless City” and the oozing melancholy delivered by Heike’s vocals alongside the distorted guitars and crafty drums. Particularly the passages with the weeping guitars and heavy atmosphere make this song quite magical and the best in this release. For fans of ISON, you still get those sidereal atmospheres in pieces like “Ilos”and the closer “Back in Time”.

As a whole, “Strata” is one hell of an atmospheric and emotional release, filled with tempo changes and bleak distorted guitars. Mike and Heike’s music is quite well defined and very direct, making all their projects shine with melancholy and craft. If you are looking for something highly emotive, filled with hypnotic vocals and carefully constructed progressions, Remina and their debut release are the perfect match for you.

Band: Remina Album: Strata

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: November 11th, 2022

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Genre: Atmospheric Doom/Gothic Metal

Country: International

Rating: 95/100

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