Top Atmospheric Black Metal releases of 2021

As one of the genres that saw the most growth in 2021, Atmospheric Black Metal takes all kinds of shapes, from raw and rudimentary to over-the-top keyboard/synth arrangements, these are the top release we reviewed in 2021:

Honorable Mention Aara - Triade I: Eos (2021)

Upping the game from their 2020 release, Aara manages to get down to the core of the genre with their lush arrangements and high-octane intensity

10. Nordicwinter - Sorrow (2021)

Canada has been making strides in the general Black Metal scene, but with Nordicwinter they also take over the genre with a highly melancholic and incisive release

9. Ringarë - Thrall of Winter's Majesty (2021)

Masterminded by Alex Poole, this release is both swift and punishing, with a hefty dose of atmosphere

8. Firienholt - By the Waters of Awakening (2021)

Mixing Dungeon synth elements with Atmospheric Black Metal, Firienholt delivers epic music filled with polished intensity

7. Ulvik - Cascades (2021)

Lush and cinematic experience from this Canadian outfit, in the vein of Wolves in the Throne Room and Saor

6. Fluisteraars - Gegrepen door de geest der zielsontluiking (2021)

With a raw and compact sound, Fluisteraars manages to create a unique atmosphere that does not rely on keyboards or any synth arrangements

5. Unreqvited - Beautiful Ghosts (2021)

Post-Black Metal with a hefty atmospheric component, Unreqvited continues to turn heads with their lush and expansive sound

4. Aran - Pimeyttä vasten (2021)

In the same vein of Lustre and Midnight Odyssey, this Finnish outfit delivers waves of melancholy in a very well polished and crafted package

3. Olio Tähtien Takana - Spectral Katharsis (2021)

V-KhaoZ of Druadan Forest and Profundus of Sargeist create a one hell of a release filled with both Symphonic and Atmospheric elements crafting a very unique and powerful sound

2. Olhava - Frozen Bloom (2021)

Oozing melancholy and aggression, this Russian outfit combines all kinds of influences to create their own brand of Atmospheric Black Metal

1. Aethyrick - Apotheosis (2021)

As one of the releases we listened to the most in 2021, "Aphotehosis" builds up on the band's previous effort adding extra layers of refinement and aggression


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