Firienholt - By the Waters of Awakening (2021)


Delivering over 55 minutes of lush and epic Atmospheric Black Metal with some Dungeon Synth elements, today we have Firienholt and their debut full-length release “By the Waters of Awakening”. Highly recommended for fans of bands like Bal-Sagoth, Summoning, Enid, and Mortis, this release creates a very regal and epic atmosphere that immerses the listener into the band’s musical realm.

Opening with the lush “A Forgotten Legacy”, which sets a very cinematic and dramatic atmosphere that is led by over-the-top synths and crafty drum programming. With nearly all songs being over 10 minutes each, tracks like “War of Wrath, War of Ruin” and “Ashes of the Golden Hall”, slowly develop via melodic passages into heavier territories with the use of harsh vocals and imposing guitars with some BM riffs thrown into the mix.

Avoiding getting dull like bands like Enid, songs “ Ruminations by Starlight” shake things up and by using different tempos or darker atmospherics, they keep things far from monotonous. This type of music can get overbearing for some, but with tracks like “The Whispering Shadow”, the focus shifts away from the atmospherics to the guitars/vocals, distracting from the repetitive elements and showcasing the band’s versatility and cohesiveness at the same time.

Overall, “By the Waters of Awakening” is a very solid release that blends multiple genres, and improves on what other band’s have been doing by shifting the focus to different things during the duration of this release. If you like that epic vibe of synth-driven Metal bands, Firienholt is a strong newcomer in this space.

Band: Firienholt Album: By the Waters of Awakening

Label: Naturmacht Productions

Release: June 11th, 2021

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Genre: Epic Atmospheric Black Metal/Dungeon Synth

Country: UK

Rating: 91/100

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