Unreqvited - Beautiful Ghosts (2021)


Slowly evolving over time, Unreqvited has always pushed the boundaries of Atmospheric Black Metal/Post-Black Metal with its lively and expertly crafted music. With “Beautiful Ghosts”, this one-man project nearly achieves Nirvana, thanks to the unparalleled liveliness and emotiveness of this excellent release. With a very positive and uplifting nature, the seven tracks and 42 minutes of music in this release are plain brilliant.

Opening with the moody “All is Lost”, we get a bit of the band’s previous style with more lush and ‘bright’ atmospherics. The mixture of harsh screams with dreamy arrangements is top notch, but the simplicity of the guitar work and drumming is what really separates this opener. Focusing more on the atmospheric part, “Autumn Everley” builds slowly into some killer aggressive cathartic moments adorned by a subtle piano track.

After changing the mood with the instrumental “Reverie”, Unreqvited follows this with the lush and hypnotic atmospheric brilliance of “Funeral Pyre”. The emotion and ‘lightness’ of this track is highly palpable as it shows its secrets. The emotional rollercoaster continues with the lush piano of “Cherish”, and the duality between heaviness and subtlety on the album title track, which has a certain Violet Cold vibe.

The closer “All is Found” perfectly marries the lush atmospherics with dreamy clean vocals, leaving the listener with a very soothing and elegant final piece. We particularly compare this song to Alcest’s “Shelter” release, as well as the overall vibe around “Beautiful Ghosts”, but with the signature Unreqvited style. As a whole, this release is a great leap forward in the band’s aural journey and will certainly please all fans of this unique band. If you like dreamy and uplifting with a dose of heaviness, this is the right release for you.

Band: Unreqvited Album: Beautiful Ghosts

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: August 13th, 2021

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Genre: Post-Black Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 96/100

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