Ringarë - Thrall of Winter's Majesty (2021)


Masterminded by Alex Poole, Ringarë is an Atmospheric Black Metal outfit that focuses on creating lush and ethereal soundscapes, and contrasting them against frosty and bitterly furious BM onslaughts. With a singular and very bombastic style, “Thrall of Winter’s Majesty” delivers over 40 minutes of intense and transcendental music that only bands like Lustre or Spectral Lore are capable of unleashing.

Starting the uplifting etherealness of “Witness to Winter's Lament”, this track sets a very dreamy mood that is suddenly muddled by waves of crushing guitar riffs and very contrasting harsh vocals. We particularly love the duality of the band’s sound and their ability to quickly poison dreamy parts with venomous aggression. More in ambient territories, “O'er Winters Shroud” is an instrumental piece that feels quite cinematic and liberating, providing a breather from the harshness of this release.

The album title track again commands undivided attention thanks to its ravaging riffs and piercing shrieks, alongside dramatic tempo changes. Far from being linear, each track in this release feels like its own epic adventure thanks to the heavily melancholic edge these songs have. As this track leaves us with its Limbonic Art-esque magic, the last piece “A Paean for Endless Snow”, further elevates the album’s atmospheric brilliance with a very well paced and magical atmosphere.

As a whole, “Thrall of Winter's Majesty” is a masterfully crafted highly atmospheric release that does not lack in the brutality department. Perfectly balancing its duality, Ringarë combines the best of both worlds in a very direct and engaging package. Highly recommended for fans of Lustre, Spectral Lore, and similar outfits.

Band: Ringarë Album: Thrall of Winter's Majesty

Label: Amor Fati Productions

Release: April 21st, 2021

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 90/100

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