Aethyrick - Apotheosis (2021)


After unleashing one hell of a release last year with “Gnosis”, Finland’s mysterious duo Aethyrick swiftly returns with the lush and crushing “Apotheosis”. Delivering over 41 minutes of highly Atmospheric Black Metal, this release builds up on its predecessor while further refining the band’s immersive sound. Featuring the perfect blend of melancholy and harshness, this release quickly establishes itself as one of 2021 finest.

Opening with a chaotic and ravaging intro in “The Starlit Altar”, the band sets the mood via their layered guitar work and hectic drumming. With a commanding pace and hellish scorn behind it, “Rosary of Midnights” is one of those tracks that incites melodic headbanging while it weaves back and forth furious onslaughts and devilish screams. The atmospheric elements are quite subtle, yet strong enough to pierce through the distorted guitars and deliver an ethereal feeling.

Spurts of aggression in between dramatic interludes make songs like “Flesh Once Divided” and “In Blood Wisdom”, the perfect combination of catchiness and substance. Other tracks have a darker side to them like the somber and yet demoralizing “With Determined Steps” and “Path of Ordeal” brilliantly leverage layered instrumentation with the band’s mystical and esoteric nature.

As a whole, “Apotheosis” is one hell of a release filled with intricate musical details that is quite accessible and enjoyable many repeated times. There is always something crafty to discover as you listen to this release over and over, testifying to the authenticity and skill behind Aethyrick. If you want an uncompromising Black Metal release filled with atmosphere, look no further.

Band: Aethyrick Album: Apotheosis

Label: The Sinister Flame

Release: January 22nd, 2021

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 94/100

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