Svnth - Spring in Blue (2020)


Unleashing a highly emotional and expertly crafted release, today we have Italy’s Svnth and their third full-length release “Spring in Blue”. Mixing the raw aggression of traditional Black Metal with the subtle intricacies and melody of Post-Rock, this release delivers one hour of hypnotic music. Recommended for fans of bands like Alcest, Deafheaven, Heretoir, etc.

The release opens with the doomy “Who is the Dreamer?”, a song that creates a very depressive and powerful atmosphere with its distorted guitars. After a dreamy intro on “Erasing God's Towers” the band transitions into heavier territories with weeping guitar leads and harsh screams, reminding us a bit of the American band 40 Days Longing from back in the day. The band expertly weaves back and forth aggressive onslaughts and crafty instrumental passages, creating a very chaotic and enjoyable mood.

With longer songs allowing for more aural experimentation, tracks like “Parallel Layers” and “Chaos of the Ark” create intricate atmospheres that are nicely disrupted with brutal drumming/screaming passages, delivering dramatic contrasts while introducing anxiety to the listener. With some nods to Deafheaven, the band’s sound is a very healthy mix of ethereal atmospherics and completely violent, and catchy, heaviness, as “Songs of Melancholia” is the perfect example of.

If you are looking for aggressive Black Metal with a craftier and more melodic/emotional side to it, “Spring in Blue” is one of those unique releases that has plenty of layers to peel. We love releases that blend both aggression and melancholy, and Svnth delivers one of the most complete and crafty ones of 2020. One important point to make is that this band is no clone of anybody, as their own unique sound creates a very suffocating atmosphere that is unique to them.

Band: Svnth Album: Spring in Blue

Label: Transcending Records

Release: August 28th, 2020

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Genre: Black Metal/Doom/Post-Rock

Country: Italy

Rating: 91/100

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