Abyssic - High the Memory (2019)


Unleashing a monumental symphonic/atmospheric Doom Metal release, today we have Norway’s Abyssic and their sophomore release “High the Memory”. With some members being quite active in the Norwegian Metal scene, this band crafts a very unique and sinister vibe that is quite eerie and oppressive in nature. If you are looking for a Doom version of Fleshgod Apocalypse or similar symphonic outfits, Abyssic is the closest you will get.

The album creates a monstrous atmosphere with the opener “Adoration”, a track that features prominent guitar riffs and crushing growls, courtesy of band’s mastermind Memnoch. Things get heavier and even more atmospheric as the album title track rolls in with its 20 minutes of sweeping brutality. This track is expertly adorned with fragile keyboards and dramatic orchestrations, creating a very powerful contrast between the growls and the lush atmospherics.

Things get a bit more hectic and dramatic with the chaotic “Transition Consent”, a expertly crafted piece filled with turmoil and pummeling riffs. The drumming in this release is top notch, with intricate patterns and crafty tempo changes, courtesy of Tjodalv. The band delivers a very rich musical experience in this release, as tracks like “Where My Pain Lies” keep their signature sound but explore more experimental and improvisational elements. Reminding us a mixture between Elend and Thergothon, this last track is our favorite song in the album.

As the release comes to a close with “Dreams Become Flesh”, we are completely captivated by the band’s take on the genre. The mixture of dramatic orchestrations with soul crushing Doom works brilliantly in “High the Memory”. With the pedigree of all members of Abyssic, the band manages to craft a truly unique and punishing release that will make ripples in the scene and get everybody's attention quite quickly.

Bands: Abyssic Album: High the Memory

Label: Osmose Productions

Release: February 22nd, 2019

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Genre: Symphonic/Atmospheric Doom Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 92/100

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