Eternal Candle - The Carved Karma (2018)


It is not everyday that you receive a release from a band hailing from Iran. With our curiosity peaked, Eternal Candle’s debut full-length “The Carved Karma”, is one hell of a Progressive Death/Doom Metal release. Combining elements from old-school Death Metal, Doom Metal all perfectly paired with a Progressive edge, this release delivers almost one full hour of masterful music. For fans of old Opeth, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, this release will certainly resonate with you.

Immediately after the dreamy instrumental opener, the band gets down to business with the sheer power of “The Ripped Soul”. Reminding us of Amorphis on their “Privilege of Evil” days, this track is heavy and pummeling, thanks to its powerful riffs and old-school vibe. Things quickly move into more Progressive / Katatonia-esque territories with the intricate “Sick Romance”, and even further into old-school Death/Doom influences with “A Path to Infinity”.

As the album progresses, we can hear the band’s musical exploration with the contrasts between songs like heavy “A Dismal Inhabitant” and the craftier “The Absurd Sanity”. It is quite interesting how the band explores with multiple elements and ends up creating a very unique and engaging sound. Nicely pacing the release, “The Void” is one of those experimental pieces were the band’s mastermind Mahdi Vaezpour, showcases his solid composition skills and affinity for dreamy passages.

The release takes a somber tone with “Hear My Cry” and “My Turn”, two songs that are quite atmospheric and beautifully adorned with heartfelt clean vocals. Saving the best for last, “Prayer of the Hopeless” is one hell of a proggy ride with superbly catchy riffs and tight drumming patterns, while “A Wage of Affliction” ends the albums with punishing Atmospheric Doom undertones. Overall, “The Carved Karma” showcases a band’s unique musical journey and shows that even in places like Iran, there are bands crafting great Metal music.

Bands: Eternal Candle Album: The Carved Karma

Label: Self-Released

Release: April 24th, 2018

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Genre: Progressive Death/Doom Metal

Country: Iran

Rating: 91/100

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