Svoid – Storming Voices of Inner Devotion (2016)


Never ceasing to amaze us, today we have another killer release from Sun & Moon Records: Svoid – Storming Voices of Inner Devotion. Hailing from Hungary, this band nicely blends Post-Punk, Post-Rock, and Black Metal in a very unique way, kind of sounds like a mixture of Amesoeurs and Watain. Delivering 11 tracks of truly unique and catchy music, the band delivers one of the most unique and chaotic releases of 2016.

Opening with the devilish riffs of “Through the Horizon”, this track has a very unique tempo that completely contrasts the Black Metal elements, similar to what Ihsahn achieves in his latest releases. This contrast is actually what makes this release quite engaging an intoxicating, as you feel that something is a bit off, but in the best of ways. Creating a unique balance between the Post-Punk/Post-Rock and the rawness of their Black Metal foundations, tracks like “Crown of Doom”, “Death, Holy End” and “Never to Redeem” are truly magical and super interesting.

The band continues to push the limits of their sound with the very bizarre opening and chorus section of “Eternal” the song smooth’s out quite nicely. Few of our personal favorites include the eerie “A mind in Chains” and the killer bass guitar lines of “Forlon Heart” and “Bloodline”. This release is quite well balanced, allowing the madness to flow perfectly between heavy tracks and more experimental pieces, allowing the band to close strongly with the punishing “Long I’ve Gone” and the catchy but firm “In Damnation Vast”.

Overall, Svoid has managed to surprise us with how much they have evolved after their raw and more ‘straightforward’ debut “Never to Return”. In “Storming Voices of Inner Devotion”, the band continues with their harsh BM core but adds a plethora of new influences, managing to create a very unique and catchy brand of BM. Perfect for fans of bands like DHG, Arcturus and Avant-garde BM outfits, this release has considerably high replay value as you will discover new things on each spin.

Band: Svoid Album: Storming Voices of Inner Devotion

Label: Sun & Moon Records

Release: April 18th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Avant-garde Black Metal

Country: Hungary

Rating: 92/100

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