Suidakra – Crógacht (2009)


This releases is the 9th full length album of Suidakra, and like it’s predecessors it’s very good and different. In this release the Celtic influences are predominant in most of the songs, but the traditional aggressiveness of their musical style is always present. All songs feature a higher technical quality than most of the bands previous work.

“Crógacht” features nine tracks that will leave you begging for more. The intro track will give you a very good idea of what to expect through out the rest of the album. And then “Conaloch” hits with a combined aggressive and melodic aspect to it that will enthrall any listener. In this release the keyboards mark the overall Celtic atmosphere of the whole album.

The whole album provides the listener with a very enjoyable and diverse set of songs. Like “Feat of war” that is an acoustic song that features female vocals, which feels like a breather in between half’s if the album. In the rest of the songs, the mix of keyboards, guitars and clean vocals here and there, provide an excellent support for the well executed and diverse drumming through out this album. Also there are some killer solos in some of the songs to keep things fresh.

All lyrics here are an interpretation of a Irish folk story and fit the music perfectly and they are very interesting to read. I have to say this is a very diverse release that will please fans of the band, and will also bring more new listeners to the music of Suidakra.

Band: Suidakra Album: Crógacht
Label: Wacken Records / SPV Year: 2008
Official Site myspace
Genre: Folk Death / Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 87/100

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