Interview with the the With Full Force Team

With Full Force is one of the festivals that Infernal Masquerade's staff will be attending this summer, since they provide a pretty solid lineup and a great location. If you havent purchased your tickets make sure you do so online (here) before the festival gets sold out!!

Hello, and thanks for taking the time for answering this interview. Let’s get started with the questions:

Dragonforce, Cynic and Dååth - April 19 2009, Missoula, MT – Wilma Theater

I was very excited to find out that Montana was going to get a real metal show. This meant that I did not need to drive more than 10 hrs to go to a show. The drive this time was only 6 hrs round trip and they where well invested.

Having heard that Dragonforce is known for giving bad live performances I was skeptical about this one, but I was not going to let the opportunity to find for my self if this is true. And you will read through to know how their performance was.


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