Urfaust – Einsiedler (2009)


The Dutch duo of Urfaust comes back with their latest 2 song EP “Einsiedler” and after doing a bit of research about this band I figured I was into another pointless voyage from ‘just another’ crappy Ambient/Raw Black Metal band, and I was very wrong about this.

“Einsiedler” features over 18 minutes of mesmerizing Ambient/Raw Black Metal that should be set as one of the standards for the genre. Their amazing ambiance created by the keyboards in the track “IX Einsiedler” is both eerie and enthralling I have not enjoyed a simple but well composed keyboard arrangement like this one in quite a while. While you still have the traditional shrieks on the song, they also added a very melodic clean vocal that complements the track to perfection. The overall down-tempo and doomy feeling of this song is amazing and it’s probably one of the reasons I enjoyed the full 11 minutes it lasts.

DUSTED ANGEL's California Takeover

Santa Cruz's jam-doom powerhouse DUSTED ANGEL have announced several California shows, including a
record release show with Crom and a killer show with The Accused! If you're in the vicinity of any of these shows, you're advised to make your way out for a neck-snapping night of doom-rock debauchery.
9/12/2009 The Nomad Gallery - Los Angeles, CA w/ Crom, Green and Wood
9/13/2009 R Bar - Los Angeles, CA w/ Destroy Judas

THE FEW AGAINST MANY: Full Album Stream Available Via Terrorizer

In conjunction with the UK’s leading extreme metal publication Terrorizer Magazine, the latest album from Swedish all-star group THE FEW AGAINST MANY entitled Sot will be available for streaming in its entirety until September 13, 2009.

To stream the record, visit: http://www.terrorizer.com/radio

VETUS OBSCURUM : Debut mini-album details reveale

The title, artwork and full tracklisting of VETUS OBSCURUM's debut mini-album are finally revealed. Forged in coalition with his trusty acolytes Death (DRAWN & QUARTERED) and Nihilist (ex-ABAZAGORATH), "Blood Revelations" is brought to us by Numinas of KROHM infamy. Recorded & mixed at ColdVoid Studio (Usa) and mastered at Clintworks Studio (Germany), this four-prack offering escorts the listener in vivo on a journey through ancient woods to the palace of untimely death.


HELLBASTARD formed in the UK in 1984 playing non-compromising crossover,
mixing the ferocity of punk with the crunch and chops of metal and socially
conscious lyrics. HELLBASTARD released the Natural Order record on Earache
in 1990 and put out several demos, compilation tracks and remix collections.

After breaking up in 1993, HELLBASTARD reformed in 2008 with all guns
blazing! They are back in action with The Need to Kill, available on
limited edition LP from the German Civilisation Records label.

FAUST's From Glory To Infinity Out Now On Paragon

FAUST is the brainchild of singer/vocalist Aleister (Ancient, Abgott) who formed the band in 1992. After releasing a self-titled demo a year later, the band fell silent release-wise until 2001 when Aleister was commissioned as a live member of Ancient, and the aptly-titled first EP And Finally Faust was released independently.


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