• Kittie – In The Black (2009)


    Several years have passed since Kittie reached their highest point around 1999-2001, two albums later and plenty of lineup changes they are back with “In The Black”, released on their own vocalists label, and distributed in Europe by Massacre Records.

    I have to agree that “In The Black” is the band’s most mature record to date, since the music is better defined that before, and the album is very cohesive. But the whole gimmick of the female growling and the all-female band has gotten old. The band’s 5th release is just another decent Metal album, but nothing to write home about.

  • Raise The Red Lantern – Raise The Red Lantern (2009)


    I must say that releases that feature vocals like this never get good reviews from me; even after analyzing the music objectively the vocals ruin the album for me. This is not the case for Raise The Red Lantern, since their music is amazing and I was even able to zone out the vocals for the entire duration of this album.

    Raise The Red Lantern is an American band that plays a very peculiar supper salad of different styles ranging from Sludge to Progressive Metal to Hard Rock to Stoner Rock, and they do so with great ability. While the overall feeling of the album can get them labeled as Sludge, they are more than that since the band’s sound is very unique.

  • Headkase – The Worm County Circus (2009)


    For a band that’s been around for 8 years, “The Worm Country Circus” is a very solid and well prepared debut album. These crazy Australians label themselves as ‘Circus Metal” and after listening to the CD plenty of times, I have to agree 100% with this description.

    The 13 tracks on this album sound like a deranged composition straight out of a horror movie; House of 1000 corpses comes into mind. The whole circus theme of the band plays perfectly on the bizarreness of the bands sound and persona.

  • Hot Buttered Anal – Lies (2008)


    Luckily Hot Buttered Anal sent this album in the same package as their first album so we avoided repeating the embarrassment of their mailing label (read the review of “Please Kill Me” for the full story).

    “Lies” artwork seems more conservative than the bands first album, but it still features interesting song names like: “We’re Not Retarded, Choke the Bitch and Duct Tape and Sausages. So we knew we were in for another journey thru this band’s demented collective brain.

  • Hot Buttered Anal – Please Kill Me (2007)


    When we were first contacted by this band we were skeptical about their music since their name is pretty bizarre, but since we are pretty open minded and we link to review anything that is thrown at us, we sent out our mailing address to receive Hot Buttered Anal’s promo pack.

    The first moment of awkwardness came in the form of the 60 year old lady working at our PO BOX office handing up a package with a colorful Hot Buttered Anal mailing label on it, she is used to handing out packages with pentagrams and similar stuff on them, but never with a clearly legible name like this, anyways things have not been the same since, but enough with this story.

  • Hacride – Lazarus (2009)


    This French band took me by surprise with their very diverse sounding music. “Lazarus” is a release that stands out by the uniqueness of the band’s sound, something they have been consolidating for several years. The opening track of this album is a 15 minute epic master piece that serves as a perfect introduction to the musical journey that you are about to experience.


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