Hot Buttered Anal – Lies (2008)


Luckily Hot Buttered Anal sent this album in the same package as their first album so we avoided repeating the embarrassment of their mailing label (read the review of “Please Kill Me” for the full story).

“Lies” artwork seems more conservative than the bands first album, but it still features interesting song names like: “We’re Not Retarded, Choke the Bitch and Duct Tape and Sausages. So we knew we were in for another journey thru this band’s demented collective brain.

“Lies” is a bit darker and heavier than their first album “Please Kill Me” and the band seems to be focusing more on having one single style of music in all their tracks. While the band experimented less with their sound they still incorporate all the elements that were their strong points of their first album.

All tracks are more Metal oriented than last time, but they still keep the witty lyrics and demented wide variety of vocal styles that makes this band be as interesting and diverse as they are. But don’t be disappointed they still have some tracks: “Duct Tape and Sausages” as well as “Everything Sucks” that will have you checking if it’s still the same band, so their freshness of the first album is not completely lost.

Overall a better composed and a great musical improvement by the band. But they still keep their funny lyrics and interesting mixture of vocal style and different songs here and there. I can’t wait for what’s coming next from this band.

Band: Hot Buttered Anal Album: Lies
Label: Spare Change Records

Release: 2008

Official Site myspace
Genre: Punk / Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 85/100

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