Hot Buttered Anal – Please Kill Me (2007)


When we were first contacted by this band we were skeptical about their music since their name is pretty bizarre, but since we are pretty open minded and we link to review anything that is thrown at us, we sent out our mailing address to receive Hot Buttered Anal’s promo pack.

The first moment of awkwardness came in the form of the 60 year old lady working at our PO BOX office handing up a package with a colorful Hot Buttered Anal mailing label on it, she is used to handing out packages with pentagrams and similar stuff on them, but never with a clearly legible name like this, anyways things have not been the same since, but enough with this story.

Hot Buttered Anal’s music is actually as bizarre as their name, but in a very good way. Their lyrics are so funny and witty that we have been laughing at them ever since we got their CD’s. Their promotional posters are very funny as well. The whole concept of the band it’s hilarious and their rants about very different and weird things in their songs are hilarious (like Flaming robots).

The band’s music is very diverse in nature, but they mainly hover around Punk and what they call “Angry Metal” which is not bad at all. We were not expecting to find Dream Theater quality music here, but rather something interesting and fresh that kept us waiting for the next song to see what the band was going to do now.

Bob Cocks vocals are very diverse and provide enough dept to this album to not get boring or old after a couple of songs. Also the music is not bad by any means for this genre.

Overall this album is very fresh and funny. While we usually don’t like this type of music, we appreciated this album for its witty lyrics, different musical styles between songs and interesting artwork. We extremely recommend this album if you want to have fun and listen to something different (but not too metal).

Band: Hot Buttered Anal Album: Please Kill Me
Label: Spare Change Records

Release: 2007

Official Site myspace
Genre: Punk / Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 80/100

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