• Fanthrash - Apocalypse Cyanide (2013)


    Is it Thrash? is it Groove Metal? is it modern Death Metal? Those are the first things that come to mind when we started listening to Fanthrash’s crushing EP “Apocalypse Cyanide”. Featuring three songs filled with killer riffs, punishing vocals, and massive drums, this EP is one of the most dynamic and entertaining albums we have received in the last few years from an unsigned band.

    The release opens with the powerful riffing of “Apocalypse Cyanide”, a track that gives a slight Death (the band) edge with some more modern elements of bands like Gojira and Hacride. The riffing is quite heavy, but the song structures are Thrash-esque in nature, making it quite interesting to listen to. The vocals are quite varied and very aggressive, perfectly fitting the devastating nature of the band’s sound.

  • Destractive – Gospel of Warheads (2013)


    Delivering their fourth demo release, today we have Finland’s Destractive and their very unique and cohesive combination of Death/Thrash/Black Metal. Featuring four destructive tunes, this demo release shows the band’s maturity and how well they manage to blend all their influences in a very solid and powerful way. With a traditional line-up of two guitars, a bass guitar, drums and vocals, the band focuses more on effective musical structures than any gimmicks, making this release quite solid from beginning to end.

    The demo title track delivers the first wave of aural assaults with some Thrashy riffs and pummeling drums. The band nicely changes the temp into a more run-and-gun situation with excellent catchy sections and brutal speedups. This track has both Death and Thrash elements with some Black Metal-esque vocals, making a very solid combination and delivering sheer brutality to the listener. “Blood on the Soil” changes the pace a bit with incisive drumming and a slower tempo, giving more of a Black/Death Metal vibe at first, reminding us of Inquisition and even Watain at certain moments.

  • Armaroth – False Vision (2013)


    Making its way from Slovenia, today we have Armaroth and their crushing EP “False Vision”. Delivering five tracks of relentless Death Metal, this band makes a huge impact with their devastating sound and catchy tunes. With countless Death Metal and Deathcore albums being released these days, it is quite refreshing to listen to something as well-crafted and powerful as this EP.

    Opening with the traditional intro, the band fully explodes into action with the pounding guitars of “Modern Man”. In this track we get that chugging feeling of bands like Suffocation and Six Feet Under (older), all topped off with inhuman growls and cool tempo changes. The knack for crushing melodic sections is quite enjoyable and makes the band’s sound be more diverse than your average DM outfit. The drumming shifts gears into hyper-blast with the pummeling “High”, the shortest, but sweetest track in this album.

  • Crippler – Threshing Sledge (2013)


    Hailing from Finland, today we have Crippler and their three-song demo “Threshing Sledge”. Delivering pummeling old-school Death Metal, this band showcases their power in every second of music they present on this release. For over 12 minutes the listener will be transported to the days when Death Metal ruled the scene and we measured albums based on how brutal and devastating they were.

    Leviathan’s Gaze opens the demo with overpowering riffs and deep growls. The band’s chugging guitars and pulsating bass line create a very thick and crushing sound. The drumming is also quite powerful, allowing Viisainen’s vocals to shine through the brutality of their sound. “Weakling Servants” keeps the incisive guitar work rolling with more sheer brutality and chugging riffs. The band’s sound is quite potent and this track is the perfect example for it.

  • Murrum – In His Tacita Atria (2013)


    Hailing from Connecticut, today we have Murrum and their debut EP “In His Tacita Atria”. Featuring 21-minutes of blistering USBM, this band made a strong impression on us. With a powerful sound that evokes the likes of Krieg, Judas Iscariot, and early Nachtmystium, this fairly new band delivers raw and uncompromising power in the shape of five aural assaults. If you are looking for pretty Black Metal with keyboards and stuff, we suggest you look elsewhere since there is only sheer power and brutality in this release.

    After the cliché wolves and fire crackling intro, “Demons of Winter” fully explodes into a furious Black Metal pace. The band’s riffing power is quite devastating and thanks to their hectic drumming, it sounds even more brutal. “Ritual Bloodletting” rolls in packing enough thunder to bring down a building, allowing the listener to have no rest and succumb to the band’s crushing music. The vocals in this release are quite standard, reminding us of Watain at some points, but definitely not extremely shriek-ish like most people like.

  • StoneBirds / Stangala – Kreizh Breizh Session 1 (2013)


    Making its way from France, today we have two very interesting Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal bands that make up the “Kreizh Breizh Session 1” split release. While StoneBirds are a more traditional Sludge/Stoner Metal band, Stangala delivers their lyrics in the Breton language and have a very trippy mixture of Doom/Sludge with a certain retro psychedelic vibe. We can say that we completely enjoyed how the both bands complement each other and make this unique split release very different from what we usually receive in the mail.

    The StoneBrids gracefully open this release with the hard-hitting “Red is the Sky”. In this Sludgy tune the band shows their riffing powers and how engaging their lead vocals are. Having that certain Southern/Stoner vibe in their catchy sound allows for the band to sound like The New Black, Chrome Division, and similar acts. As “Game Over” and “Outro Drama” roll by, the band’s sound is nicely consolidated and keeps the crunchy riffs flowing. “Red Lights” shifts gears into a fuzzier and more distorted track with heavier vocals, giving the band a certain edge that makes them sound different from your run of the mill artist. Saving the best for last, “Dark Passenger” closes out the band’s ‘side’ of this split with a mellow doomy vibe.

  • Dichotomy – Paradigms (2013)


    Hailing from Ireland, today we have a killer Melodic/Technical Death Metal band that leaves aside (most) of the Core influences and manages to sound more like Death and Carcass than all the other Technical DM bands these days. Delivering eight pummeling tracks, “Paradigms” is a very impressive debut full-length than if it wasn’t for the subpar vocals, it would be one of the best Tech-DM releases of 2013.

    Opening with the mellow instrumental track “Empyrean”, the band immediately gets down to business with the hectic “The Sentient Oppressed”. The guitar work is fast and precise with a crushing melodic vibe that nicely picks up the pace and complements the vocals. While not the best combination of growls and screams, the band does a decent job in delivering fast and brutal sections like on the devastating “All – Seeing Eye”.

  • Throne of Heresy – Realms of Desecration (2013)


    With a killer Swedish Death Metal sound, today we have Sweden’s (duh) Throne of Heresy and their 2013 EP titled “Realms of Desecration”. With most of today’s bands playing Death Metal with Metalcore or Groove influences, it is quite refreshing to get this release that features a timeless sound bringing back memories of the greats of the genre like Grave, early Entombed and some elements of Unleashed.

    The release opens with the commanding “Morning Star”. Since the first riff you get that Swedish DM vibe that will make you start headbanging almost immediately. The melodic closing for this track is a nice change of things and will surely leave you a bit puzzled but it is excellently crafted. “Spawn of Atrocity” delivers more sheer riffing power, paired with precise drumming and quite typical growls, a very Grave-esque track if we had to put a tag on it.

  • Yass Waddah – Cities of the Red Night (2012)


    Hailing from Italy, today we have Yass Waddah and their furious Black Metal EP titled “Cities of the Red Night”. In this five song offering we hear the band’s ruthless and rather traditional Black Metal, worthy musical effort available on their bandcamp page. For those of us that like uncompromising Black Metal that is fast and heavy, this is the perfect release since it has a very direct and live-sounding feeling to it.

    The release blasts wide open with the crushing opener “Invocation”. Immediately the band reminded us of Singapore’s Impiety and their raw and direct sound. Filled with crushing riffs and pushing drums, this is quite an exciting opener. After another crushing song with “B-23”, things get more interesting with the playful “Transmigrants and Receptacles”. This track features a funky opener, but then it develops into full-blown chaos with imposing vocals and very cool rhythm sections.

  • Children of Madness – Howl from Beyond (2013)


    Arriving from Finland, today we have a very lively EP titled “Howl from Beyond” from the band Children of Madness. In this four song release, this up and coming band showcase their very interesting blend of melodic guitar-driven Metal that features Heavy Metal-like soaring vocals and playful keyboards. For a short release, all the songs will stay in your head for quite a while due to their super catchy nature.

    Opening very strongly with “Phoenix Rising”, the band sets a very melodic and epic mood with their excellent riffing and soaring vocals. We like that the vocals are quite natural and don’t sound over the top for the music the band presents. There are some killer solos in this song that greatly enhance the overall experience. As the album title track makes it way, the band steps it up a notch and delivers a hard-hitting catchy tune. The riffing again stands out, and it is nicely complemented by the atmospheric keyboards the band gives a darker vibe to this track.


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