Destractive – Gospel of Warheads (2013)


Delivering their fourth demo release, today we have Finland’s Destractive and their very unique and cohesive combination of Death/Thrash/Black Metal. Featuring four destructive tunes, this demo release shows the band’s maturity and how well they manage to blend all their influences in a very solid and powerful way. With a traditional line-up of two guitars, a bass guitar, drums and vocals, the band focuses more on effective musical structures than any gimmicks, making this release quite solid from beginning to end.

The demo title track delivers the first wave of aural assaults with some Thrashy riffs and pummeling drums. The band nicely changes the temp into a more run-and-gun situation with excellent catchy sections and brutal speedups. This track has both Death and Thrash elements with some Black Metal-esque vocals, making a very solid combination and delivering sheer brutality to the listener. “Blood on the Soil” changes the pace a bit with incisive drumming and a slower tempo, giving more of a Black/Death Metal vibe at first, reminding us of Inquisition and even Watain at certain moments.

As the album progresses, the tracks keep getting more brutal and greatly improving over the previous one. “Innocence Illusion” is a dark little piece filled with demonic vocals and a pulsating bass guitar line, giving that Thrash/BM vibe of bands like Impiety. Our favorite track in the release is the demoralizing “Enter Bloodlust” and its superbly catchy riffs. This track clearly showcases the band’s ability to create very solid tracks that nicely mix many different elements and give them their own particular sound, something that not a lot of new bands seem to be doing these days.

Overall, “Gospel of Warheads” is quite a solid release filled with very powerful tracks and solid songwriting. With most Finnish bands delivering quality releases, it is quite refreshing to hear of one that we will actually remember for a while and add to our normal rotation. If you are looking for uncompromising Death/Thrash/Black Metal music with a certain old-school vibe, look no further and check out this demo.

Band: Destractive Album: Gospel of Warheads

Label: Self-Released

Release: 2013

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Death/Thrash/Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 83/100

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