• Isvind – Gud (2015)


    With Black Metal bands appearing like the plague these days, it is quite refreshing to receive a majestic album from a band that has been lurking in the shadows for many years. Norway’s Isvind has been around since 1992 (with some breaks in between), and their pedigree shows in their latest full-length release “Gud”. Delivering nine crushing songs, this is one hell of an album from start to end.

    Opening with some angelic vocals, “Flommen” sets a very ethereal mood only to flip the coin on you with some brutal BM riffs and hellish vocals. This song has a certain melodic edge that uses choirs and melodic riffs to create a very involving atmosphere. With AntiChristian of Tsjuder fame filling in on drums, the band blasts away with pummeling tracks like “Ordet” and “Himmelen”, keeping that frosty Norwegian Black Metal vibe present at all times.

  • Embersland – Dark Ages (2015)


    Hailing from Spain, today we have Embersland and their very catchy and well-crafted Symphonic/Gothic Metal with some Power Metal elements thrown into the mix. Featuring nine tracks and around 48 minutes of music, this release is an emotional rollercoaster filled with powerful guitars, tight drumming, and masterfully led by the vocals of Will, May and Xavi. Appealing to a wide spectrum of listeners, “Dark Ages” is one memorable release.

    Opening with the 9 minute playful piece “Sunrise (Part II)”, the band instantly showcases their evolution since their 2013 release. With more focused songwriting and more mature skills, this track features majestic vocal melodies and emotional keyboards. The band nicely keeps up the initial track’s momentum with solid songs like “Closer”, “Hope”, and the superbly catchy “WTF…Fuck Off!”, which has a killer chorus section. It is quite evident that the band is nicely maturing as their sound is very cohesive with all their elements coming together quite nicely.

  • Mora - Hmlisté obdobie (2015)


    Arriving all the way from Slovakia, today we have Mora, an Atmospheric Black Metal outfit with a very raw and visceral sound. In their demo “Hmlisté obdobie”, the band presents six songs of sickening raw Black Metal with creepy atmospheric elements that will haunt your dreams for weeks to come.

    Immediately after the piano intro, the band sets a very bleak and sinister mood with mid-tempo traditional BM riffs and ‘swishy’ drums. “Neviditelne zlo” is the perfect momentum builder for the band’s savage vocals that nicely appear after a few minutes of creepy music. The vocal style is quite deranged and dissonant, mixing growls with shrieks, this will leave an impression on you for the foreseeable future thanks to songs like “Mrtvolny chlad” and “Jesenna depresia”.

  • Amorphis – Under the Red Cloud (2015)


    Finally, the Finish Metal music legends Amorphis return with yet another stellar release. Marking their 12th studio album, “Under the Red Cloud” delivers nearly 50 minutes of majestic Melodic Metal music in their unique style. Filled with soaring vocals and killer melodic passages, this is hands down the best release of 2015.

    Opening with the lush “Under the Red Cloud”, the band sets a very melodic and folky mood, similar to a mixture of their “Elegy” days with their “Eclipse” era. Tommi Joutsen’s vocals are as amazing as ever and with even more growling sections in this release, this album reaches a whole new level of vocal aggression. This is perfectly contrasted by Santeri Kallio’s lush keyboards. Tracks like “The Four Wise Ones” and “Bad Blood” instantly showcase this heaviness with some crushing moments filled with powerful riffs and excellent percussions.

  • Torchia – Ending Beginning (2015)


    Greatly improving since their 2013 demo, today we have Finland’s Torchia and their killer Melodic Death Metal with some Thrash elements. We love watching bands evolve over time and Torchia is the perfect example of a solid transition and evolution into a very promising new band. Featuring three songs filled with melodic passages and killer production, this is one of the best demos we have received in 2015.

    Opening with the demo title track, the band instantly sets a very upbeat tempo with catchy guitar riffs and a very melodic vibe. This song has that Finish Melodic Death Metal sound engraved into its core, and we love it. The guitar solos are amazing and pair perfectly with the massive drumming we can appreciate in this release.

  • Stratovarius – Eternal (2015)


    As one of the most anticipated releases of 2015, today we have Stratovarius and their latest opus “Eternal”. Filled with over 54 minutes of music separated in ten tracks, this release nicely continues the band’s reinvention to a fresher and even more dynamic outfit since their “Polaris” release back in 2009. Featuring tons of epic tracks and led by the vocals of Timo Kotipelto, this a typical Stratovarius release that you do not want to miss.

    The band delivers the first punch with the amazing opener “May Eternal Dream”. In this very dynamic song, the band sets a very upbeat tempo and establishes a very fluid relationship between the epic guitar and keyboard solos, warning the listener they are in for a treat in this release. Timo Kotipelto vocals constantly deliver the level of performance that is expected from such a legendary singer, and on tracks like “Shine in the Dark”, “Man in the Mirror” and the ballad “Fire in Your Eyes” they gave us goose bumps since they are terrific and very well crafted into the music.

  • Ommatidia – Let’s Face it! (2015)


    Hailing from France, today we have the sophomore release of Gothic Metal outfit: Ommatidia. In “Let’s Face it!”, the band delivers ten songs of well-crafted Gothic Metal/Rock that moves away from their band’s more atmospheric and Doomier debut release back in 2011. Crafting a sound similar to bands like To/Die/For, HIM, and The Man Eating Tree, this band will satisfy your male-vocals Gothic Metal cravings.

    The album opens with the catchy “Immaculate” and its soaring vocals, courtesy of Guillaume Richard. This track gives us a certain The Man Eating Tree vibe, making it quite engaging and a very solid opener. As tracks like “Sunspot”, “Dark Swelling” and “Soiled” settle the listener into the band’s style; we nicely enjoy Ommatidia’s traditional emotional Gothic sound. With very organic songs like “Sleeping Black”, the band has the luxury of experimenting with additional elements to keep things heavier.

  • Pavillon Rouge – Legio Axis Ka (2015)


    Industrial Black Metal is one of those genres that are quite hard to get right. Mysticum and Diabolos Rising did a great job igniting the flame, and others like Aborym, Diabolicum, and Malignant Eternal took good stabs at the genre, more than a few years ago. Fast-forward to 2015 and we finally have a promising band in this genre: Pavillon Rouge. Filled with over 47 minutes of devilish catchy beats and sickening soundscapes “Legio Axis Ka” marks the band’s sophomore release.

    The album opens with the blistering “Prisme vers l'Odysée”, a track that sets a very dreamy and yet crushing atmosphere that is very well contrasted by the harsh vocals of Kra Cillag. The album’s atmosphere continues to grow with psychotic tracks like the awesome “A l'Univers”, and the aggressive “L'enfer se souvient, l'enfer sait”. For others looking for catchy and more ‘techno’ stuff, “Droge Macht Frei” reminded us of Turmion Kätilöt and their Industrial Metal.

  • Illuminata – Where Stories Unfold (2015)


    After blowing us away with their music in 2011, Austria’s Illuminata returns with yet another Gothic/Symphonic Metal masterpiece with their third full-length album “Where Stories Unfold”. Using a 60-piece orchestra and two different choirs, the band bets big on their music and delivers around 60 minutes of brilliant music that will impress any fan of the genre.

    Crafting a very dramatic opening with “A Story Unfolds”, the lush orchestrations and very cinematic music instantly catches our attention. With the real opener, “Eternity of Today” the band shows that their core sound has greatly evolved and delivers a magical Gothic Metal track filled with astonishing arrangements and the hypnotic vocals of Katarzyna Nieniewska.

  • Impalers – God from the Machine (2015)


    Delivering a Thrash-tastic sophomore release, today we have Denmak’s Impalers with “God from the Machine”. Featuring over 45 minutes of frantic Thrash Metal, this band nicely sets themselves apart from the countless other Thrash ‘revival’ bands by adding some cool melodic elements into their music.

    Opening with the relentless “Future Void”, we are treated to some solid old-school Thrash with a certain European vibe. Filled with attitude and relentless riffing, the band makes this opener quite intense. The melodic elements start appearing as tracks like “God from the Machine” and “Prepare for War” start to wind down. Filling the album with blistering guitar leads, Thomas Carnell does a pretty solid job in epic songs like “Beyond Trinity” and “Destroy the Meek”.


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