Ommatidia – Let’s Face it! (2015)


Hailing from France, today we have the sophomore release of Gothic Metal outfit: Ommatidia. In “Let’s Face it!”, the band delivers ten songs of well-crafted Gothic Metal/Rock that moves away from their band’s more atmospheric and Doomier debut release back in 2011. Crafting a sound similar to bands like To/Die/For, HIM, and The Man Eating Tree, this band will satisfy your male-vocals Gothic Metal cravings.

The album opens with the catchy “Immaculate” and its soaring vocals, courtesy of Guillaume Richard. This track gives us a certain The Man Eating Tree vibe, making it quite engaging and a very solid opener. As tracks like “Sunspot”, “Dark Swelling” and “Soiled” settle the listener into the band’s style; we nicely enjoy Ommatidia’s traditional emotional Gothic sound. With very organic songs like “Sleeping Black”, the band has the luxury of experimenting with additional elements to keep things heavier.

Some of the atmospheric elements make their way back in the last few songs of the album like on “A Lack of Contrast In Life”. This element nicely complements the band’s core sound, but it is not the central focus of their style this time around. Closing the album with the dramatic three parts “Coming Full Circle”, the band mixes a Doomy opener with their catchy Gothic elements and a very dramatic vocal experience to create a very powerful and diverse song.

In this second release the band has clearly found their own sound, and it is a definitely a good one. With ten catchy and engaging songs, “Let’s Face it!” is a very solid second release. If you like old-school male-led Gothic Metal bands like To/Die/For, HIM, The Man Eating Tree and similar outfits, then you will love Ommatidia.

Band: Ommatidia Album: Let’s Face it!

Label: Self-Released

Release: March 16th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Gothic Metal

Country: France

Rating: 87/100

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