Mora - Hmlisté obdobie (2015)


Arriving all the way from Slovakia, today we have Mora, an Atmospheric Black Metal outfit with a very raw and visceral sound. In their demo “Hmlisté obdobie”, the band presents six songs of sickening raw Black Metal with creepy atmospheric elements that will haunt your dreams for weeks to come.

Immediately after the piano intro, the band sets a very bleak and sinister mood with mid-tempo traditional BM riffs and ‘swishy’ drums. “Neviditelne zlo” is the perfect momentum builder for the band’s savage vocals that nicely appear after a few minutes of creepy music. The vocal style is quite deranged and dissonant, mixing growls with shrieks, this will leave an impression on you for the foreseeable future thanks to songs like “Mrtvolny chlad” and “Jesenna depresia”.

What appeals to us from Mora is their extremely raw and visceral approach to music, not polishing any element and letting the listener fully experience their craft in the rawest of forms. After delivering some punishing tracks, the band swings into a more melodic and atmospheric pace with excellent songs like “Nostalgia” and the very emotive closer “Spomienka na zosnulych”. This last track has a very nice progression and a very depressing atmosphere, a truly intense ending for such a raw release.

Overall, “Hmlisté obdobie” is a very solid demo that shows a promising band in their rawest and darkest mood. At just their second demo, Mora has managed to craft a unique sound of their own that is both ravaging and bone chilling, a feat that only a handful of newcomer bands can say they achieved. If you like raw and punishing Black Metal with atmospheric touches, this is one demo release you want to have in your collection.

Band: Mora Album: Hmlisté obdobie

Label: Self-Released

Release: March 19th, 2015

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Slovakia

Rating: 85/100

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