Necrowretch - Swords of Dajjal (2024)


Unleashing over 37 minutes of pure hell, today we have France’s Necrowretch and their latest release “Swords of Dajjal”. Spread over eight tracks, the band delivers swift and well crafted onslaughts of Black/Death Metal brilliance, with a style similar to outfits like Necrophobic and Destroyer 666. However, these guys are far from a carbon copy of the previously mentioned bands as they add their own sinister twists to their music.

Opening with “Ksar Al-Kufar”, the band quickly showcases some excellent riffing and piercing drumming capabilities. This opener creates a very punishing atmosphere that perfectly spreads to other pieces like “The Fifth Door”, “Dii Mauri”, and “Swords of Dajjal”. Whether the listener wants blast beats or tremolo picking passages, the band perfectly mixes all kinds of influences to create sickening atmospheres and crushing walls of sounds, like on “Numidian Knowledge” and the fierce “Vae Victis”.

For those that enjoy more atmospheric pieces, “Daeva” sets a very unique vibe with its mid-tempo Immortal-esque riffs and guitar leads. Closing strong with “Total Obliteration”, Necrowretch has managed to deliver a well crafted and to-the-point release filled with interesting instrumentation alongside epic headbanging moments. So, do not miss out on this fierce band and their piercing music.

Band: Necrowretch Album: Swords of Dajjal

Label: Season of Mist Underground Activists

Release: February 2nd, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Country: France

Rating: 93/100

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