Graveworm - Killing Innocence (2023)


The highly underrated Graveworm is finally back after eight years since their last release and with “Killing Innocence” they are making up for lost time. With a very unique mixture of Melodic Death/Black/Gothic Metal, this band has released some pretty epic albums over the years and they now unravel ten tracks and around 50 minutes of highly engaging music. Hailing from Italy, this band has a very unique sound and a knack for highly melodic songs, as this release is a testament to.

Opening with “Escorting the Soul”, we get a sinister and engaging atmospheric introduction that slowly transforms into pummeling drumming and crafty riffing. Having a certain Hypocrisy-esque vibe from their “The Fourth Dimension” period, “We are the Resistance” is an excellent track with excellent guitars and tempo, creating a very mysterious and yet highly melodic piece. The band’s sound has a retro-sounding component to it, drawing older listeners like ourselves into their style.

The core Death/Black Metal influences of Graveworm are undeniable, with tracks like “If The World Shut Down”, “Where Agony Prevails”, and “Dead Words” oozing aggression alongside crafty melancholy. For those looking into the band’s Gothic influences, “A Nameless Grave” and “End of Time” have a bit of their earlier style from their “When Daylight's Gone” release. However, the combination of all styles is what makes songs like “Wrath of Gods” immediately stand-out and showcase the band’s cohesive style.

Closing with the ravaging “In Honour of the Fallen”, the band closes this excellent release in a dark and moody tone. Over the years Graveworm has consolidated their sound, and while keeping elements from all their phases, they have achieved a very cohesive and imposing style. In “Killing Innocence” the band continues to refine their music while delivering solid and engaging songs that will have listeners headbanging as soon as the release starts.

Band: Graveworm Album: Killing Innocence

Label: AFM Records

Release: June 2nd, 2023

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Genre: Melodic Death/Black/Gothic Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 96/100

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