Gothic Black Metal

  • Cradle of Filth - Existence is Futile (2021)


    Just in time for our Halloween parties, Cradle of Filth unleashes their latest devilishly good opus with “Existence is Futile”. Aging well with time, the band in the last 10+ years has honed into their strengths and continues to deliver consistently engaging and well crafted releases. For over 70 minutes the band unleashes their signature sound filled with lush atmospherics, engaging storytelling, fierce guitar work, and the introduction of Anabelle Iratni on keyboards and female vocals, making this one of their more diverse and engaging releases to date.

    After the traditional instrumental intro, “Existential Terror” sets a very dark and sinister tone with over-the-top choirs and orchestrations alongside Dani’s signature shrieks and some incisive guitar work. While the band’s sound is always familiar, and pieces like “Crawling King Chaos”, “Black Smoke Curling From the Lips of War” are staple CoF songs, we particularly love haunting tracks like “Necromantic Fantasies” with a certain “Nymphetamine” (song) vibe, but with Anabelle’s enchantress vocals spin and a more sultry tone.

  • Arsenic Addiction – Echoes of Mourning: Communion with the Damned (2012)


    Nicely refining their skills over time, today we have Arsenic Addiction and their latest release “Echoes of Mourning: Communion with the Damned”. Hailing from Salt Lake City one of the Mormon capitals of the world, it is quite refreshing to find a band with such an aggressive yet melodic sound and imposing stage presence. Claiming to be Gothic Victorian Metal, the band nicely combines Gothic Metal elements with heavier Black/Death Metal influences all delivered by their female growler: Lady Arsenic.

    Opening the release with the imposing “Aphotic Rite”, the band showcases even more Gothic touches than on their previous release. As an intro, this track really gets the listener interested in what is to follow. “Crown of Glass” goes into full swing with the band’s trademark signature and a constant struggle between hellish growls and soaring clean vocals. The band’s sound has that early 2000’s vibe of Gothic Black/Death Metal that is still widely used (and loved) these days.

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