Morwinyon - Wastelands (2023)


Unleashing a masterful Atmospheric Black Metal masterpiece, today we have Italy’s Morwinyon and their sophomore release “Wastelands”. Featuring both members of Falaise, this band is more of an outlet for more traditional Atmospheric BM without (too much of) the shoegaze and Post-BM elements. Think more along the lines of Saor and Winterfylleth, with tons of atmospherics. If you are a fan of the genre, the band manages to deliver quite engaging and immersive tracks that will transport you for a magical forty-plus minutes.

The release kicks-off with towering atmospheric keyboards and the crafty riffs of “Devouring Flames”. There is a certain ethereal mood that quickly sets, even after the harsh vocals and aggressive drumming start to gain momentum. The release is very well mixed, with the atmospheric layer front and center, while the guitars and screams provide additional textures and change the tempos, as we can hear on “Wastelands” and “An Agonized Look”, both of which remind us a bit of Lustre.

Our favorite track has to be the dreamy “Indifference” and its ripping opening. It is melodic, it is ethereal, it is also heavy and enjoyable. The drumming is quite crafty and allows for some dramatic tempo changes and aggressive onslaughts. As the release closes with “Quiescence”, we are left very engaged and pumped to listen to this release all over again and discover some of the hidden elements that might be lurking behind the heavy atmosphere.

As a whole, “Wastelands” is a dense release filled with memorable moments and epic tempo changes. We are suckers for over-the-top keyboards and melody, and this release delivers heaps of that. While the music is not as diverse as we would have wanted, the tempo changes and funky ideas (retro elements from the last track) make the release interesting and never dull. Make sure to enjoy this one with closed eyes and preferably headphones for full effect.

Band: Morwinyon Album: Wastelands

Label: Naturmacht Productions

Release: February 24th, 2023

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 94/100

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