Anatomy of Habit - Black Openings (2023)


Immediately doing a double take to figure out if Garm from Ulver was singing on this one, Anatomy of Habit unleashes their latest release “Black Openings”. Creating a very unique and intricate atmosphere, this release delivers over 38 minutes of an experimental amalgamation of Doom, Post-Punk, Drone, and a few other genres. If you like hypnotic music with singular vocals and crafty instrumentation, you can’t miss out on this one.

Opening with the engaging “Black Openings”, the band quickly sets a very mellow mood that slowly progresses as it hooks the listener with its mystery. As Mark Solotroff vocals come on, the listener will immediately think of Ulver as he sounds just like Garm. However, this is not the only stand-out element from the music as it brilliantly layers tons of elements like a vibraphone, lap steel, and analog synths to create a nice and warm loungey vibe.

The experimental cinematic journey continues with “Formal Consequences” and its shoegazey guitars alongside moody percussion. We particularly enjoy that there are some heavier passages with The Ocean-esque Post-Metal bursts of energy. The band’s sound is constantly evolving and each track nicely journeys from different sides of the spectrum, while delivering a rewarding listening experience, as “Breathing Through Bones” cements.

As a whole, “Black Openings” is a very well crafted and intriguing release. The band’s sound is quite expansive and yet centered on a few core ideas. The extended instrumentation is top notch and never overbearing or gimmicky, and perfectly blends in with the heavier more ‘Metal‘ passages and the hypnotic vocals. Perfectly making accessible to listeners their experimental nature, Anatomy of Habit is a very unique and engaging band.

Band: Anatomy of Habit Album: Black Openings

Label: Self-Released

Release: February 3rd, 2023

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Genre: Drone/Doom/Experimental

Country: USA

Rating: 93/100

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