Fvnerals - Let The Earth Be Silent (2023)


Creating a truly haunting and crushing release, today we have Germany’s Fvnerals and their devastating release “Let the Earth Be Silent”, which we are sure the earth will be after listening to this towering album. Presenting an amalgamation of Doom/Post-Metal and Ambient elements, this release unleashes over 40 minutes of highly intoxicating and yet bone-chilling music.

Opening with the masterful “Ashen Era”, we are quickly led down a dark and sinister path thanks to the punishing riffs and eerie atmospherics. As soon as Tiffany Ström’s vocals come into play, the vibe is weirdly shifted with eerie dreaminess but still delivering its dark nature. This overall feeling of helplessness is perfectly maintained as “Descent”, “For Horror Eats the Light”, and the enigmatic “Annihilation” pass by making their mark.

As a small interlude, “Rite” delivers some straight-from nightmares ritualistic atmospherics, something that you could expect from a horror movie just before shit gets very weird. And the release indeed gets weird, with the creepy “Yearning” and its aurally abusive riffs and “Barren” with its out-of-this world aural abuse. Both of these tracks show the band’s strength in creating perfectly timed tempo changes and extremely well incorporated vocal arrangements, maximizing impact on the listener’s psyche.

“Let The Earth Be Silent “ is definitely one the most atmospherically punishing releases we have heard in quite a while. Perfectly combining genres into their own sound palette, Fvnerals excels in delivering one hell of an emotional rollercoaster without any gimmicks or cheesy elements. If you like heavily atmospheric releases that are both creepy and highly emotional, this is a very unique album to check out.

Band: Fvnerals Album: Let The Earth Be Silent

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: February 3rd, 2023

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Genre: Atmospheric/Drone/Doom

Country: Germany

Rating: 96/100

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