A Diadem of Dead Stars - Emerald Sunsets (2023)


Unleashing a very interesting compilation of some of their earlier digital material, today we have A Diadem of Dead Stars with “Emerald Sunsets”. Hailing from Greece, this band has a very unique and at times gritty sound that perfectly blends influences from bands like early Ulver, Empyrium, and more modern Atmospheric Black Metal elements from outfits like Heretoir and Saor.

Opening with the blistering “The Furrow of Woes”, we quickly get aggressive BM guitar riffs and a moody tempo. This track nicely evolves into some eerily magical (early) Ulver-esque passages of clean vocals and powerful guitars. There is a certain Doom-ish magic to the band’s sound that nicely keeps things interesting and different, as we can hear in songs like “And Swallows Flew Away From This”.

The band’s ability to craft highly melancholic songs is very nicely showcased on the misery-inducing “The Light that Burns” and its very dreamy mixture of moody guitars and crafty drum patterns. We love the female vocal samples used, as they add mystery to the track, while shifting the mood at times. Saving the most atmospheric piece for last, “Of Green Pastures” has that old Empyrium/Ulver vibe with lush acoustic guitars and soothing animal sounds samples.

Leaving the listener very intrigued, A Diadem of Dead Stars nicely crafts four very unique and powerful tracks that showcase different styles alongside a very cohesive and engaging musical core. We particularly enjoy all the memories that their songs brought back from the earlier days of Atmospheric Black Metal, when there wasn't a need for overbearing keyboards or funky instruments just to make it sound more ‘pretty’. If you like old-school Atmospheric BM and the bands mentioned in this release, you will certainly find this album interesting and engaging.

Band: A Diadem of Dead Stars Album: Emerald Sunsets

Label: III Damnation

Release: February 3rd, 2023

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 94/100

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