Herbstlethargie - Melancholie im Blattfall (2022)


Hailing from Germany, Herbstlethargie is an Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal one-man outfit, is set to deliver one crushing debut release with “Melancholie im Blattfall”. Taking elements from bands like Heretoir, Winterfylleth, Saor, and many others, this release unleashes around one hour of highly emotional and expertly crafted music. Carving its own niche, Herbstlethargie is one of the most promising projects to watch in 2022.

Setting a very dreamy and yet desolate vibe with the opener “September”, the band unleashes its ode to autumn with waves of crafty guitar riffs paired with intense drumming and engaging tempo changes. We particularly enjoy the band’s versatility to go from all-out aggression as in the opening of “Umschwung” to the hypnotic and subtle melodies of “In unendlichen Himmeln”.

Featuring Florian of Melatonyn/Sylvaine on guest vocals on the moody “‘Blätter fallen”, and Alboîn from Eïs on guitar and guest vocals in the closer “Der erste Schnee”, allows Herbstlethargie to have a very diverse and engaging sound that never gets old and keeps the guest listener. Our favorite track has to be “Mein Ahornblatt” and its Enid/Frozen Ocean-esque progression, delivering ethereal elements alongside ravaging aggression.

As a whole, “Melancholie im Blattfall” is a very intense atmospheric release that is full of subtle details that only get better with time. Plenty of bands in the Atmospheric/Depressive BM genre would wish to have half the quality that Herbstlethargie has, so we hope this project/band keeps going and improving over time.

Band: Herbstlethargie Album: Melancholie im Blattfall

Label: Northern Silence Productions

Release: September 9th, 2022

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 94/100

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