Might - Abyss (2022)


Blowing us away in 2020 with their self-titled debut release, Germany’s Might returns with an even more intricate and captivating sophomore release titled “Abyss”. With a fitting album title, this release feels like an exploration of levels of the abyss with tons of extra ideas and eerie atmospherics mixed in with the band’s rudimentary (and crushing) Doom Metal foundation. While less straightforward than their first release, this album is ready to turn some heads thanks to its uniqueness and crafty execution.

The album opens up with the ominous and creepy intro “Naked Light”, slowly transitioning with crushing riffs and a very imposing momentum that is nicely picked up with “Lost”. The first couple of tracks are the most ‘traditional’ ones with “Abysses” having those classic Doom elements that we all love. We particularly enjoy the mixture of clean male and female vocals with hypnotic percussion and enigmatic guitar leads.

Taking a turn for the weird, “Cirlces” has more of a Doomy/Crusty Post-Punk vibe, while “Who's Ahead”, “Dear Life”, and “Tightrope Walk” goe the Chelsea Wolfe/Lingua Iota route. The Doomy brilliance is back with our favorite “How Sad A Fate” and it's very Jex Thoth vibe. The band continues experimenting with some weird elements on tracks like “Shrine” and “Lucky Me”, which are definitely interesting but not necessarily our cup of tea.

Closing with the Grunge-esque “Holy Wars”, which gave us a certain Katatonia circa “Discouraged Ones” vibe, the band really explored a wide spectrum of elements and influences in “Abyss”. As a whole, this release feels a bit too experimental and exploratory, however, there are some pretty catchy and enjoyable songs in it as well. Might is definitely a unique band and they seem to be trying to widely (and wildly) expand their sound, so if you are ready for a journey, give this one a chance.

Band: Might Album: Abyss

Label: Exile on Mainstream Records

Release: August 26th, 2022

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Genre: Experimental/Doom Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 91/100

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