Celeste - Assassine(s) (2022)


On their first release as part of Nuclear Blast Records, France’s Celeste unleashes “Assassine(s)”, a vibrant 40+ minutes release blending their Black Metal with Post-Metal/Sludge influences. The band creates a very unique and punishing sound, filled with harsh vocals and crafty riffing, creating an unparalleled wall of sound and destruction.

The release fully kicks off with the intricate drumming of “Des torrents de coups”, which leads way to incisive guitars and crafty tempo changes. Picture listening to Cult of Luna with an Amenra edge. As the riffing barrage fully warms up, tracks like “De tes yeux bleus perlés”, “Nonchalantes de beauté”, and “Draguée tout au fond”, further develop the band’s massive sound with piercing onslaughts of crushing guitar work.

The enigmatic “(A)” nicely changes the mood with its instrumental and free-flowing nature, leading to the punishing and straightforward brutality of “Il a tant rêvé d'elles”. As you can read the band and this release is full of surprises as songs like “Elle se répète froidement” nicely blend all their influences into cohesive and punishing four to five minute tracks that have much to discover over subsequent listens.

Closing with the most ‘Black Metal’ track of this release, “Elle se répète froidement”, Celeste has surely saved their best and most polished release to their Nuclear Blast debut with “Assassine(s)”. The band’s sound is piercing, expertly layered, and accessible enough for fans of many genres to enjoy. There are definitely no other bands like this one, and with this release they are ready to shine to wider audiences.

Band: Celeste Album: Assassine(s)

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: January 27th, 2021

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Genre: Black Metal/Sludge/Post-Metal

Country: France

Rating: 94/100

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