Venues - Solace (2021)


Unleashing a lively mixture of Modern/Alternative Metal with some *Core elements, today we have Germany’s Venues and their latest release “Solace”. Featuring a brand new singer, Daniela ‘Lela’ Gruber, the band delivers nearly 40 minutes of superbly catchy music with soaring vocal melodies and heavy distorted guitars. Similar to outfits like Amaranthe and Sumo Cyco, this band has a more Metalcore aesthetic and edge to their sound.

Opening with the heavy guitars and harsh vocals of “Razorblade Teeth”, the band sets a heavier mood than their previous release, however, Lela’s vocals nicely balance the band’s sound. As the band delivers pieces like “Whydah Gally”, “Rite of Passage”, and “Uncaged Birds”, the listener is presented with a masterful combination of atmospheric synths, engaging clean vocal melodies, and crafty heavier parts for moshing and non-stop headbanging.

Featuring soaring guitar leads and a very melodic approach, “Into the Fire” has to be one of our favorite tracks. Showcasing the band’s versatility and explosiveness, pieces like “Down Below”, “Shifting Colors”, and “Our Destiny” unleash waves of melodic passages, crushing riffs, and playful vocal arrangements. We particularly enjoy pieces where the band alternates between vocal styles and crafts tempo changes with dual vocal passages, like on the masterful “Deceptive Faces”.

Most of the time, vocalist changes are disastrous for bands, however, for Venues this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. New singer Lela perfectly blends with the band’s high-octane style and gives them an even more versatile edge with her range. There are certainly no bad songs in this release as each one showcases its own identity and the band’s overarching musical core. If you want heavy and catchy Metal music, this is one release you can’t miss.

Band: Venues Album: Solace

Label: Arising Empire

Release: August 27th, 2021

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Genre: Modern/Alternative Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 95/100

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