Siderean - Lost on Void's Horizon (2021)


Unleashing around 40 minutes of expertly crafted Death Metal, today we have Slovenia’s Siderean and their debut release “Lost on Void’s Horizon”. Mixing a core of traditional Death Metal elements with brilliant technical proficiency and some sprinkles of progressive elements thrown into the mix, this release is both crafty and powerful. Never straying too far away from their DM roots, the band nicely explores multiple influences, ultimately delivering a very unique and engaging style of their own.

The release opens up with the thunderous “Eolith” and its fierce guitar onslaughts. Thrown into the mix are some nice mellow interludes that allow the listener to breathe and prepare for the next round of punishment. After the dreamy instrumental, “Traversing”, the band comes back with a more mellow and proggy vibe on the album title track. Having some killer Opeth/Sculptured-esque vibes, this track still grapples to its old-school DM harshness alongside playful and funky melodic passages.

Delivering waves of crunchy riffs and aggressive passages, “Sidereal Evolution” and “Coalescing into the Expanse” are two very well crafted tracks that showcase the band’s ability to transition from very typical DM moments into expansive and exploratory melodic proggy interludes. We particularly find this skill quite useful, as tracks weave back and forth between subtle melody into pummeling drums and growls.

Closing with one more banger, “Abyssophora”, nicely mixes crafty guitar layering with a sinister atmosphere to ease this album into its closing. As a whole, “Lost on Void’s Horizon” is definitely one of the most interesting and refreshing Death Metal releases we have heard in 2021. The band has a very unique and multi-faceted style that is both enjoyable and perfect to headbang/mosh to. If you are looking for solid DM bands, Siderean will certainly surprise you.

Band: Siderean Album: Lost on Void's Horizon

Label: Edge Circle Productions

Release: June 25th, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Slovenia

Rating: 93/100

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