Trident - North (2020)


Hailing from Sweden, today we have Trident’s sophomore release “North”, featuring nearly one hour of crushing Black/Death Metal. With a firm and pummeling style, the band’s ability to Blacken their Death Metal roots oozes both melody and brutality sprinkled with over the top atmospherics and lush arrangements creating a very elegant and devastating release. If you are a fan from bands like Dissection to Necrophobic to Dimmu Borgir, you will greatly enjoy this release.

Making a grandiose entrance, the lush intro track perfectly sets the stage for the Thulcandra/Dissection-esque antics of “Death”. The band quickly showcases their full power with incisive guitar riffs, a thundering bass guitar line, and hellish screams. The band’s ravaging pace continues through intense tracks like “Imperium Romanum” and its sharp guitars leads, and the sinister melodies of “Summoning”.

Our favorite track is the melancholic “Pallbearers Hymn”, showcasing a more dramatic and atmospheric side of this release while still maintaining the band's relentless attitude. Making a b-line towards the end, tracks like “Final War”, “Possession”, and “North” showcase the band’s raw brutality with some very interesting guitar leads, crushing headbanging passages, and an overall very destructive and devilish vibe.

Creating very unique and different songs, Trident has managed to deliver one of those releases that while traditional and straightforward, it still captures your attention thanks to unique details added to each track. Either via funky guitar leads or Thrash-esque tempo changes that perfectly contribute to a very pummeling atmosphere. Overall, “North” is one hell of a powerful release that touches on many genres while delivering a brutal and cohesive sound.

Band: Trident Album: North

Label: Non Serviam Records

Release: October 2nd, 2020

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Genre: Black/Death Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 92/100

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