Advent Sorrow - Kali Yuga Crown (2019)


Australia is a place were some pretty interesting bands like Austere and Germ have spawned. Finally breaking into the global scene a few years back, Advent Sorrow delivers brutal Depressive Black Metal to the masses with their incisive and nihilistic style. “Kali Yuga Crown” is the band’s sophomore full-length release and with the wide release through Werewolf Records should propel the band to new audiences.

The album is all atmosphere start to finish, and it perfectly sets a very sinister and melancholic mood with the dramatic opener “Verminblood”. Unleashing intricate guitar melodies and a mournful bass guitar line, this track unleashes the band’s pain to the listener. Not settling for only one particular style, “Wolfhook and Weapon” showcases the band’s more upbeat and intense side, with an old-school sounding Black’n’Roll-ish style.

Keeping things fresh and engaging the pulsating “Spearhead” delivers catchy riffs and hellish vocals wrapped in melancholy, making it one of our favorite tracks in this album. Sending chills down the listener’s spines, the album title track creates a very punishing atmosphere with eerie vocal arrangements and creepy atmospheric elements. As the album evolves, tracks like “Pestilence Shall Come” reward the listener with one of the most gut-wrenching songs we have heard in the last few months.

Always keeping the listener on its toes, the band weaves back and forth cavernous passages, savage riffing and drumming, and possessed like vocals on tracks like “Caesar”, “Majesty Enshrined” and the brilliant closer “Death in Magic Antagonism”. Overall, “Kali Yuga Crown” is one hell of a release full of crafty songs and tons of little details to discover. Advent Sorrow is more than your average DSBM band and they demonstrate it on this release. If you are into bands like Ellende, Heretoir, Lifelover, etc., you will love this one.

Band: Advent Sorrow Album: Kali Yuga Crown

Label: Werewolf Records

Release: September 27th, 2019

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Genre: Depressive Black Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 93/100

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