Lost in Kiev - Persona (2019)


Unleashing a masterful aural experience, today we have France’s Lost in Kiev and their latest opus “Persona”. Featuring nine tracks and over 44 minutes of lush Atmospheric Post-Rock music, this band is set to dominate audiences with their keen sense of melody and crafty tempo progressions. Being fans of Post-Rock music, it is quite interesting to hear how bands create an even more immersive experience with heavier atmospheric elements like in this album.

The release sets a very lively mood with the futuristic album title track. Crafting a very dense atmosphere, the band creates the perfect backdrop for their intricate guitar work and song development. Tracks like “Lifelooper” and the magical “The Incomplete” showcase the band’s focus in creating lush and expansive soundscapes, while dropping crafty tempo changes to keep things interesting.

Keeping the listener hypnotized, tracks likes “Pygmalion” and it’s vocal samples continue to draw the listener’s focus and transport it to far away lands. Like other post-rock bands, in “Psyche” and “Thumos” we get very powerful progressions that slowly build up to epic cathartic moments. Lost in Kiev’s ability to sound different in every song makes them stand out from other outfits, as one can see from these last two songs.

Saving the best for last, “Mecasocialis” is our absolute favorite tracks thanks to its funky bass guitar line and overall uplifting atmosphere. With “Persona”, this French outfit established themselves as one of the most interesting and engaging Post-Rock bands in the scene, similar to bands like Mono, Mogwai and God is an Astronaut. IF you like highly emotional dreamy music, look no further and get Lost in Kiev.

Bands: Lost in Kiev Album: Persona

Label: Pelagic Records

Release: April 26th, 2019

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Post-Rock

Country: France

Rating: 92/100

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