Odradek Room – A Man of Silt (2017)


With a keen eye for unique and boundary pushing release, today we have the latest Hypnotic Dirge Records release with Odradek Room’s sophomore album “A Man of Silt”. Unleashing over 50 minutes of superbly crafted Progressive Death/Doom Metal, this band merges influences from bands like Anathema and Opeth with lush instrumentations and a very somber mood. If you like complex music with high replay value, this is certainly one of the best releases in 2017 for that.

The intro “Arising in the Void” provides a very dark and somber opening into the band’s unique musical voyage adorned with an Armenian duduk. The release continues to blossom with the transition into heavy guitars and growls in “Selfness”, a 7-minute piece that sets the experimental proggy tone for this album. Hailing from Ukraine, the band crafts very unique songs filled with highly atmospheric passages that are quite intricate and yet lush and filled with emotion, as delivered in “Texture of Reality”.

Odradek Room’s strength lies in crafting complex songs that switch from atmospheric interludes into intricate guitar lines and crafty percussions as heard in the catchy “Mirror Labyrinth”. This track at the same times features some killer groovy riffs and crafty tempo changes paired with memorable clean vocals. Our absolute favorite track in this release is the jazzy “Rain Trip”, which features a sexy Sax and angelic female vocals surrounded by a vibrant bass guitar line and weeping guitar leads.

Reminding us of bands like As Divine Grace and even The 3rd and the Mortal at times, songs like “Silt Flower” and “Divide” greatly contribute to the unique flow of this very diverse release. As the outro “Conditional Eternity” closes down the album, we are eagerly waiting to play this over and over again. The band does a stellar job in crafting very unique and interesting tracks that have a bit for everybody, and yet feel very foreign and appealing. If you like truly emotional and highly varied music, “A Man of Silt” is a release that should be in your collection.

Band: Odradek Room Album: A Man of Silt

Label: Hypnotic Dirge Records

Release: October 13th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Progressive Doom/Death Metal

Country: Ukraine

Rating: 93/100

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