Sum of R – Orga (2017)


Crafting a very disturbing and eerie dark cloud of sound, today we have Sum of R and their full-length release “Orga”. Hailing from Switzerland, this two-man outfit unleashes a very unique aural exploration that is quite minimalist and ritualistic in nature, with plenty of creepy elements. Recommended for fans of Void ov Voices, Raison D'Etre, Sunn O))), etc., this release will induce nightmares if played in the dark.

The album sets a very martial and disturbing tone with the first few tracks, “Please Ring the Bells”, “Overgrown” and “We Have to Mark This Entrance”, allowing the listener to get into a very eerie and spacey frame of mind. We were particularly disturbed (in a good way) by the funky samples at the end of the third track. The unnerving aural dissonance of pieces like “Cobalt Power” make this release quite a treat to listen to, while others like “Hypnotic State” bring back some more familiar Lustre-influenced elements.

Ramping things up, “Desmonema Annasethe” and the droning “To Deny Responsibility is to Perpetuate a Lie”, keep the listener on edge with very chaotic elements perfectly mixed together. Our favorite track is the somber “Let Us Begin with What we do not Want to Be”, with its perfectly crafted anxiety inducing progression. The release closes out with the bleakness of “One After the Other”, and we instantly find ourselves hitting the play button once more.

Overall, “Orga” is a pretty solid Ambient/Drone/Experimental release that captivates the listener as the band fully lays out their aural assault. If you like eerie soundscapes and tons of atmospheric bleakness, this is certainly one of the releases to buy in 2017. We also recommend you keep an eye out for Sum of R and their future endeavors, as they are highly talented in terms of both ideas and execution.

Band: Sum of R Album: Orga

Label: Czar of Revelations

Release: July 6th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Instrumental / Ambient

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 85/100

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