Simulacro - Echi dall'abisso (2016)


Hailing from Italy, today we have Blackened Death Metal outfit Simulacro and their second full-length release "Echi dall'abisso". Packed with 45 minutes of punishing tracks, this release created a very thick and demoralizing atmosphere that will destroy your psyche and bend you into submission. Led by Xul and Anamnesi of Absentia Lunae and Progenie Terrestre Pura fame, this release is not for the weak of mind.

The album opens with the incisive riffing of “ECO I”, in this song a think atmosphere is set with harsh vocals and pummeling drums flanking ethereally eerie female vocals. As the album progresses, the band gets crafty with some Post-Metal-ish moments in songs like “ECO II” and “ECO III”, remind us of the early sound of The Ocean. Usually in many releases the Bass guitar drowns in the mix, but here Ombra delivers the goods with a heavily emphasized bass guitar line in pieces like “ECO IV” and “ECO V”.

Through this album there is a delicate balance between harsh BM influences in the vocals and riffs, and the DM growls and meaty hooks, as we hear on “ECO VI”. Giving us a very creepy and ritualistic vibe, “ECO VII” is definitely the most unnerving and punishing track in this release. Closing with the ravaging violence of “ECO VIII”, we are left with a great impression from “Echi dall'abisso”. Not only are Simulacro a very promising and creative band, they also know how to blend influences to craft some of the most punishing and creepy songs to date.

Band: Simulacro Album: Echi dall'abisso

Label: Third-I-Rex

Release: September 26th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black/Death Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 90/100

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