Panopticon – Kentucky (2017)


Originally released back in 2012, Panopticon’s “Kentucky” is the band’s seminal release in which they mix both Black Metal and Folk/Americana/Bluegrass elements in a brilliant way. Just as when it was originally released, this release will certainly catch a new wave of people by surprise as the genres are not intuitively easily combined. Multi-instrumentalist Austin L. Lunn certainly pulled of one of the most unique releases of all times, and this is you latest chance to get a copy of it.

The album instantly raises eyebrows with the Folky/Americana-inspired “Bernheim Forest in Spring” as it leads into the explosive and very aggressive “Bodies Under the Falls”. With this transition we are back into more familiar territories with harsh vocals, punishing riffs and tight drums. This track masterfully weaves back and forth between heavy passages and lush banjo-led sections that work perfectly with the flow of the song.

Shaking things up, there is a rendition of folk song “Come All Ye Coal Miners” included to fully immerse the listener into the vibe of the release. Continuing with an even darker vibe, “Black Soot and Red Blood” features mood acoustic passages adorned with some spoken word samples and a jazzy bass guitar line. This track is truly impressive as it oozes melancholy from the first second, while keeping things heavy. After such a majestic piece, we are left with another traditional folk song “Which Side Are You On?”.

Bringing the heavy side of this release to full catharsis, “Killing the Giants as they Sleep” is another high-octane 13-minute epic that is very well paced and executed. The moody passages are brilliant and perfectly create tension. Closing the release we have another traditional folk song under the name “Black Waters”, and an instrumental closer under the album titled name. Overall, “Kentucky” was one hell of a release when first released, and it continues to be an epic album. Luckily, now newer generations can appreciate such a masterpiece in this re-release.

Band: Panopticon Album: Kentucky

Label: Nordvis Produktion / Bindrune Recordings

Release: June 2nd, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Black/Folk Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 91/100

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