Mutum - Redemption (2007)

After several vocalists and two demos Mutum released their first full length Redemption, under Asenath Records in 2007. Of all the bands from Mexico that I’ve listened over the years I must say that Mutum is currently one of the best ones in the country.

The bands musical style could be defined as gothic metal with some power metal and doom metal influences, yeah I know this sounds weird, but let me elaborate.

Some songs have guitar solos and fast riffs like in power metal songs, they also feature a female vocalist and violins in the songs, and they have very melancholic parts in other songs.

This mixture of genres is pretty well done by the guys from Mutum since they know perfectly where to use those elements during their songs. All songs show great craftsmanship and showcase the talents of each band member at their instruments.

The band went all out during the recording of this album by using an orchestra, choir and many guest musicians from their local music scene, and it really improves their music as it makes this album sound like a recording from any other big name band.

One thing that for me makes the music of Mutum stand out is the characteristic vocals of Anabel, while they are not the traditional vocals you would find on a gothic metal release, her deep sounding voice provides another dimension to the band’s musical style.

I can gladly recommend this album to everybody since it features very good musicians playing a very unique blend of musical styles.

Band: Mutum Album: Redemption
Label: Asenath Records Year: 2007
Official Site
Genre: Gothic Metal

Country: Mexico

Rating: 91/100

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